Definition: Gas
Plate: Ribbed
SarPrice: LPG 1.182kg/h NG 1.600m³/h
kW: LPG 15 NG 14.6
Net Dimensions: 800x900x300
Package Dimensions: 870x1020x600
Net weight: 130


•Made of stainless steel.
• With its stainless steel sheet construction, it is long-lasting, easy to clean and hygienic.
• It has an ergonomic design that provides comfort to the user in every way.
• LPG and NG options are available
•Burners designed for even cooking of the plate surface.
•As the plate surface is inclined, the oils on it are discharged with the oil drain drawer.
•AGI – 890 S models have two separate gas taps.
• Thanks to the portable lighter used, the lighter is not damaged by heat.



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