HOT-COLD TREATMENT Hot Water Capacity: 1.2 LT Cold Water Capacity: 3.2 LT Heating Capacity: 5 Liters/Hour Cooling Capacity: 2 Liters/Hour Refrigerant: R134 Net Dimensions: 335x340x1110 Voltage


•Voltage: 220V-240V
•Electricity Consumption (Cold): 11OW
•Cold Water Tank Material
•304 Quality Monolithic Water Boiler
•Cold Water Class Range: 6-8 C
Cooling type: environmentally friendly R134a Compressor Refrigerant
•Electricity Consumption (Hot): 500-600W
•Hot Water Tank Material
•304 Quality Solid Stainless Steel
•Hot Water Grade Range: 85-95 C
•Warranty period: 1 YEAR

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