• Stainless steel body, boiler and washing tank
• Monolithic hygienic washing tank with rounded corners
• Washing Capacity of 35 baskets per hour (Basket dimensions 50cmx50cm)
• 2.8 liters of water consumption for each washing period
•Automatic and user-friendly control panel
• 3 different pre-selectable washing programs, (60-90-120 sec.)
• Saving in energy, detergent and water usage
• Washing arms are available in stainless steel and reinforced polypropylene (PP)
•Easy start-up; One-touch water filling and heating of boilers and wash tanks
•The whole body is insulated and has IPX5 protection against water.
• Valve system that prevents the water in the machine from returning to the installation.
•Washing water temperature 55-60°C
(provided that the feed water is at least 2 bar and at 50°C temperature)
• Rinsing water temperature 80-85°C (provided that the feed water is at least 2 bar and 50°C)


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